World’s Tallest Dog Dies Just Days After Getting Guinness World Records Title

World’s Tallest Dog Dies Just Days After Getting Guinness World Records Title

The Guinness World Records announces that the newest record holder of the World’s Tallest Dog title, Kevin The Great Dane, passed away just days after earning the title.

The three-year-old Guinness record-holder passed away on the last week of June 2024, after falling ill and undergoing an unplanned surgery, Guinness World Records reveals.

Tracy Wolfe, Kevin’s dog mom told Guinness World Records, “Our whole family is devastated about Kevin. He was just the best giant boy!”

“We are so glad that he was able to break the record and have that light on him. He absolutely adored the attention. I wish these giant breeds, and all dogs, could live longer than they do. It’s never enough time,” Wolfe continued.

“We’re sad his stint as a record breaker has been cut short in such a tragic way,” The Guinness World Records wrote.

The organization also reveals that Tracy and the team at the veterinary clinic where she works at did everything they could to save Kevin after falling ill.

“Our thoughts and support are with the Wolfe family as they navigate this difficult time,” The Guinness World Records wrote.

Kevin was a Great Dane who measured 0.97m or 3ft 2in tall from his shoulders to his feet, but was around 7ft tall when standing up on his hind legs – surpassing the height of his dog dad, Roger Wolfe.

In addition to that, he lived with a family as big and loving as him in West Des Moines, Iowa, USA. And aside from his dog parents, he had two hooman siblings, Alexander (12) and Ava (10), as well as many animal siblings, including three dogs, four cats, chickens, goats, and horses.

Kevin’s “tallest living male dog” title was officially verified by the Guinness World Records on March 20, 2024 and was officially announced on June 13.

Furthermore, Kevin was the successor of Zeus, another Great Dane who earned the same title in 2023, but sadly passed away in 2023 after being diagnosed with bone cancer.

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