Litter Mixology: Creating the Perfect Blend for Your Cat’s Litter Box

Litter Mixology: Creating the Perfect Blend for Your Cat’s Litter Box

As a devoted cat parent, I’m always on the lookout for ways to make my feline friends happier and our home cleaner. No one wants guests to instantly know they have a cat the moment they step into their home, particularly if the cat is nowhere in sight. One of the challenges I’ve faced over the years is finding the perfect cat litter. Each type of litter I’ve tried has its merits, but none of them are perfect on their own. That’s when I came up with the idea of “litter mixology.”


What is Litter Mixology?

Litter mixology is the art of blending different types of cat litter to create the perfect mix that meets all of your cat’s needs. By combining various litters, you can take advantage of their individual strengths and create a litter box that is more effective at controlling odors, easier to clean, and more comfortable for your cat. Ultimately the litter box becomes a much more pleasant place for you to clean.

Why Mix Litters?

Each type of cat litter has its unique benefits. Some clump well but are heavy, others are lightweight but don’t control odor as effectively – or they stick to my cat’s paws. By mixing different litters, you can create a blend that offers the best of all worlds. Here’s my go-to mix:

  1. Base Litter: I use Tidy Cats Unscented as the foundation, filling the box with about 50% full of this litter. It provides a solid, clumping base that’s unscented and reliable.
  2. Light Scent and Weight Reduction: Next, I add about 40% of Tidy Cats Lightweight litter. This helps reduce the overall weight of the litter box, making it easier to clean and maintain. Sometimes, I switch this out with Arm & Hammer’s Clump and Seal for its pleasant scent and small sand-like granules.
  3. Next Level Odor Control: Finally, I top it off with about 10% of Skoon fine grain litter which is made of natural, diatomaceous earth. This litter is excellent for trapping odors, ensuring the box stays fresh for longer.

Litter Mixology - the original - explained. Phrase was coined by Lauren Mieli of The Catnip Times and explains the art of mixing a variety of litter brands to get the best result for you and your cat

How to Create Your Perfect Litter Blend

  1. Choose Your Base Litter: Start with a high-quality, clumping litter that forms the foundation of your mix. This should make up about 50% of your total blend. Be sure that it’s a brand that your cats also approve of.
  2. Add a Secondary Litter: Select a lightweight or scented litter to add another layer of benefits. This should make up about 40% of the mix.
  3. Top with a Specialty Litter: Finally, add a specialty litter that excels in a particular area, such as odor control. This should make up about 10% of the blend.

Transitioning to a Litter Mix

Introducing a new litter mix to your cat should be done gradually. Start by mixing a small amount of the new blend with your cat’s current litter and slowly increase the ratio over a week. Watch your cat’s behavior and adjust the mix if needed. I transitioned one box over to the mix entirely and my cats had no issue. But just to be safe, I kept their standard litter box the same in case any of them decided this experiment of mine wasn’t working for them. Thankfully, they seemed to appreciate the change.

Maintaining Your Litter Mix

Maintaining a litter box with a mix is similar to any other litter box. Scoop daily to remove clumps and waste, and completely change the litter every few weeks. Regularly clean the litter box to ensure it stays fresh and inviting for your cat. When I refill the box, I simply use the same ratios to keep the mix about the same.

Product Recommendations

Here are some of the litters I recommend for your mixology experiments. You can find them through the links below:

Finally, I switched over to stainless steel litter boxes a few years ago and love them. I’ve found that they are extremely easy to clean, highly durable and they won’t hold onto any odors. If you’re going to give litter mixology a try, I would highly suggest investing in a stainless steel litter box. I don’t know why they weren’t invented sooner!

Finally, by experimenting with different combinations of litter, you can become a litter mixologist too! Your creations will be the the perfect blend for you and your cat’s needs and it’s a great weekend DIY project! Happy mixing!


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