Black Labrador ‘Nobody Wants’ That Has Been At A Shelter For Over 500 Days Gets Adopted

Black Labrador ‘Nobody Wants’ That Has Been At A Shelter For Over 500 Days Gets Adopted


A black Labrador that has been at a shelter for over 500 days has finally been adopted after going viral on Tiktok.

Butter, the black Labrador that ‘nobody wants’, broke the hearts of many users online two weeks ago when Tiktok user Julie Saraceno (@juliesaraceno2) uploaded his video on the social media platform.

Saraceno is a graphic designer and photographer based in Pasco, Washington. And according to Newsweek, she is also a volunteer at the Benton-Franklin Humane Society – the animal shelter in Kennewich, Washington where the 3-year-old black Labrador, has stayed at.

On the video, Saraceno wrote, “POV you’ve been a shelter dog for over 500 days and nobody wants to take you home.”

The viral video has over 260,000 views and over 50,000 likes on TikTok. And it shows Butter lying down on a towel, looking sad.

Many users have since expressed their desire to adopt Butter. With some users even willing to travel from the other side of the country just to adopt the lovable pooch.

But this weekend, Butter has finally been adopted. According to a Tiktok video update posted by Saraceno, the pooch had a meet and greet, and “it went great”.

On the video, Saraceno wrote, “He finally got his well deserved freedom ride. Congratulations Butter!”

According to Saraceno, Butter came into the shelter in November 2021 and she believes Butter hasn’t been adopted yet due to “Black Dog Syndrome”.

Saraceno explains that this is a phenomenon where black-colored dogs are passed over for adoption in favor of light-colored dogs. And it is an issue that negatively affects the adoption rates of not only black dogs, but black pets in general.

In another Tiktok video, Saraceno wrote, “Butter has been a shelter dog for over 18 months. He’s really hoping someone will give him a chance and choose him.”

According to the Benton Franklin Humane Society, Butter is “an absolute delight”.

The shelter explained, “Butter experiences very high anxiety inside and outside of the shelter environment. He also has a cranial cruciate ligament (CCL) rupture that makes exercising and climbing stairs very difficult.”

“Butter would do best in a quite, low traffic home. He would enjoy a doggie friend who respects his space and has lower energy to match his,” they continued.


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