Birds as pets. An option as a pet

To select the type of bird you want as a pet; you must think very well what kind of bird you prefer, for this, it is necessary to know a little more about the species of your choice so that you can provide the best living conditions.

Birds are ideal for seniors; as they do not represent efforts to care for them and relieve their loneliness.

Why choose a bird as a pet?
There are several reasons; among them we have:

The sociability they establish with their owners.
The fact that they live inside a cage makes them occupy a minimum space; reduces danger and care is relatively easy; so they can live inside apartments.
They are naturally hygienic animals that perform constant cleaning of their plumage.
As for the cleaning of their food and feces remains, it is extremely simple and their habitat is kept clean, hygienic and comfortable.
Veterinary care is actually few as is their diet; which makes it very economical to maintain them.

Some tips
Determine the size of the bird to select the best cage.
Locate the cage in a place without a draft.
The cage should have a large container for water; which should be changed daily, and a smaller one for food.
It would be ideal for the cage to have a swing or other artifact to entertain itself.
At night, the ideal is that the cage is inside the home or, otherwise; it should be covered with a cloth.
It is necessary to avoid provoking stressful situations, either with annoying noises or through the excessive movement of their cage.
The diet of the bird is extremely important depending on the type of species you select; it will be the type of food.
There are a variety of birds as pets, which have different characteristics and color combination; here we will mention the most popular birds:

This species and that of the parakeets, are the most commercial as pets; it is the songbird par excellence, native to the Canary Islands, Madeira and Azores.

Birds as pets
Birds as pets

It is a bird that due to its size, resistance and sociability, is comfortable and pleasant. They are usually in a good mood and demonstrate this through singing. You will be able to teach him melodies through your whistle; males are more singing than females.

So that they can develop their wings and be comfortable; it is necessary that their cage has a size of about 50cm and you increase it according to the number of birds. It is advisable to install a swing, in addition to a bathtub, a couple of times a week inside the cage to groom its plumage.

As for his care, continue with the above, you can also let him leave the cage from time to time; being careful not to have windows or doors open until he gets used to not flying out; This activity is easier with some kinds of birds, consult with your veterinarian.

Birds as petsIt is essential to provide your bird with fresh water daily; as well as a balanced diet to achieve its optimal development.

They are small birds, native to Australia with more than 400 species, today they are bred all over the world. They are intelligent and sociable; if they are alone in the cage; they tend to strengthen ties with their owner. In case you only have one, it is recommended that you place the cage in the room where you see people or near the window so that it is animated. The combination of colors and feathers makes them stand out.

Between males they can live in the same cage as long as they have arrived together; the same does not happen with females.

If you decide to place the cage in the room; make sure it is bright so that it is not cold but avoids direct sunlight.

This kind of birds usually feel comfortable walking around the house so it is advisable to let him leave his cage from time to time, since you will make him feel part of the family and if he is happy you will surely hear him pronounce a word.

Parrots are extremely social and need attention. It is a bird that implies a great responsibility; they are noisy and they come to establish a great intimacy with their masters. They can live without a cage, they are one of the animals capable of learning and imitating human language.

You must pay special attention to the legs of parrots to prevent inflammation from occurring, for this it is necessary to maintain good cleanliness both in the perch and in the cage. The basic care for our parrot is to keep it with good cleaning and grooming in order to have control over parasites; as they are the focus of their diseases. You have to have inside the cage some element that allows you to unleash your beak and not grow too much.

The parrot is happy if he is alone and with the attention of his master who must give him affection and make him get used to his hand with the help of several bites, which can be placed in his hand.

More curious facts about parrots
Male parrots have a greater ability to learn to speak or sing. They show a great affinity to people of the female sex; although there are also those who lean towards the male sex. Knowing your preference for gender is important to know who should be present at the time of your care.

It is very important to show affection to our parrot through caresses and spending time with it.

Its main food is seeds that contain carbohydrates such as millet; canaryseed, oats among others. Larger parrots in addition to sunflower seeds, love hard-shell fruits such as nuts, hazelnuts, peanuts, pine nuts.

Fresh vegetables are important in your diet; you will have to include lettuce, spinach, tender corn, carrot, among others. Calcium must be provided with crushed eggshell or a commercial calcium preparation.

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