Abandoned Obese Dog Undergoes Incredible Transformation A Year After Being Found

Abandoned Obese Dog Undergoes Incredible Transformation A Year After Being Found

The CEO of an animal charity shares the incredible transformation of Cindy Crawford – the morbidly obese dog he found in the streets of Thailand on September 2023.

Animal lovers are praising Niall Harbison, the CEO of Happy Doggo, after he shares the story of Cindy Crawford and how he helped her get a second chance at life.

“On the 22nd of September last year I found Cindy Crawford on the streets. She was morbidly obese and about to die,” Harbison wrote in a tweet.

Harbison shared that when he found Cindy, she weighed 46kg. “Her transformation today is seriously hard to believe,” he said.

In a series of tweets, Harbison shared Cindy’s full story from when he found her up until her current situation.

Harbison found Cindy laying in the streets in Thailand and said, “Cindy Crawford had given up on life and had lost all the dignity.”

After finding Cindy in the streets, Harbison immediately went to work to save her. “We got her in and cleaned up and started trying to fix her skin and her general health,” he explains.

In a video Harbison shared on September 25, 2023, he reveals that the vet were worried that her heart would stop with how obese she was.

“Her skin is in agony from parasites, internal issues, and neglect,” the animal charity CEO explains. “The blood vessels are inflamed all over her body. We have to move very slowly with her.”

Harbison also reveals that due to her weight, Cindy couldn’t even walk for more than 50 yards. But he didn’t give up and he started to put Cindy on a diet.

But like any other successful journey, Cindy’s came with some obstacles. Harbison reveals, “where we really started to make progress was when Cindy was diagnosed with a thyroid issue.”

But that didn’t stop Cindy. With her medicines and regular training, she started losing about 400g a week, and even met her new future mom, Lana!

And five months into her journey, Cindy started running for the first time ever since getting rescued.

Harbison said, “It was at this stage we gave Cindy her forever home. Lana took her in to live with her full time.”

And while Cindy has still a few pounds to lose, it’s something walking, going on beach trips, and dieting could definitely help fix!

As a matter of fact, Cindy is now down to 28.5kg – meaning she has lost almost half of her original weight back in September.

Cindy’s weight loss isn’t the only transformation she’s had for the past year. Because now, she is living the life she deserves.

Harbison shares, “Instead of living outside a 7-11, she had her own family and a villa. Her skin was perfect and she had her joy for life back.”

Harbison ends the update with, “She might just be a street dog in Thailand but I think we can all learn a lot from Cindy. We might be down at times in life. But we’re never out” along with a photo of Cindy looking healthy and happy.

Founded in 2023, Happy Doggo is a registered UK charity that aims to reduce the sufferings of dogs worldwide, particularly in Thailand and South East Asia.

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