8 Heat-Tolerant Dog Breeds For Indian Summers- Petsworld India

8 Heat-Tolerant Dog Breeds For Indian Summers- Petsworld India

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The summers in India can be brutal, which is often accompanied by humidity that drains one out completely. Our beloved dogs too have to bear the heat like us. This is also why a lot of dog breeds are not ideal for Indian weather.

Moreover, unlike Western countries, India doesn’t have four seasons and most places here rarely get cold enough to start snowing. Yet, we can see many people bringing breeds like Siberian Huskies and English Mastiffs to places like Delhi, Chennai, Rajasthan etc. These are nothing short of torturous for these breeds, as they can’t adapt to the hot weather.

In this blog, you will see 8 dog breeds that are suitable for Indian summers and the general climate here. So let us get started,

One of the most popular dogs in India, Labrador Retriever can adapt well to Indian summers since this breed has a short coat. Also, their silky undercoat keeps them warm and dry during the winter. Although you may have to do a bit of grooming for this breed, it will be rewarding once you see their bright and shiny coat. Above all, Labradors are adorable and gel with people of all life stages.

Just like Labradors, Dalmatians have a short coat, making them ideal for warm climates in India. Besides, they have good stamina which makes them ideal to play a game of fetch for a long time. They are also good with children, and this is the reason why they are popular as family dogs in India and around the globe.

Arguably, the best dog for regions in India with hot weather, the Indian Pariah Dog have evolved to withstand challenging climates. Most of the regions in India come under the temperature range from -10 to 50 degrees Celsius. Indian Pariahs are also hardy and resilient dogs since they don’t face the downsides of in-breeding, like other breeds. If given a healthy diet, you can keep up excellent digestion in them and also make them odourless, which is not possible with other breeds.

Rajapalayam is a native dog breed of India having its origin in Tamilnadu. These dogs have a single, short and fine coat which makes them do well in the heat of South India or the tropics. However, they will struggle in the region having a cold climate. Rajapalayam is extremely devoted to their family and will protect them if it senses any external threat.

Another dog from South India, Chippiparai is regarded as often regarded as the most intelligent Indic dog breed. These dogs have an exceptionally short and smooth coat making it perfect for the intense and blistering heat of India. Also, the grooming requirements are low, where you need to just give them an occasional bath and a basic level of brushing.

The Smooth-haired Dachshunds are excellent small breed dogs who will do great in the hot weather of India. They aren’t hairy, so keeping their coat in good condition won’t be that difficult. Besides, Dachshunds are good watchdogs and will alert you at the slightest hint of suspicion. They are also excellent with children. These qualities make them one of the best dogs for an Indian family.

Indian Spitz dogs were introduced in this country by the British in the 19th century, and this is why they are also believed to be the descendants of German Spitz. These dogs are capable of withstanding the scorching heat of India while retaining the intelligence and adaptability of the German Spitz, even after years of breeding. Besides, they are low-maintenance dogs who will do well with first-time dog owners.

Another popular dog breed in India and across the globe, the German Shepherd can easily survive in hot and humid climates. They also have a long muzzle that supports cooling, keeping the body temperature from rising too high. This is why they are used in services like Police and Military, as they can survive in the toughest of situations. German Shepherds are also fierce guard dogs who can put their lives on the line to protect their owners.

All in All,

Raising a dog in regions having hot weather is a serious responsibility. So it is wise to choose a breed that is well-suited for the Indian weather conditions. If you are living in an area where the heat is quite intense, you can consider opting for a breed from the above list. This will make your and your beloved dog’s life much easier. At the same time, be sure to offer regular exercise, a good balanced diet, and also consistent vet checkups to keep your dogs healthy and happy.

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