7 Essential Tips to Keep Your Cats Healthy & Fit – Pet Blog

7 Essential Tips to Keep Your Cats Healthy & Fit – Pet Blog


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Ensuring the health and fitness of your beloved cat should always be a top priority as a proud cat owner. When you do so, you allow them to enjoy their life while also helping them explore their environment with vigour. Besides, by prioritising their health, you can also protect them from various infections and diseases.

In this blog, you will see 7 essential tips that help in maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle for your feline companion. They are easy to implement and highly effective as well.

So let us get started,

1) Ensure Proper Nutrition

Probably the biggest factor in instilling good health in pets, nutrition has to come on top of the list definitely. As a cat owner, you should feed your beloved felines high-quality cat foods that meet their specific nutritional needs. Look for a diet rich in protein as cats are out-and-out carnivores. Also, keep in mind the portion size of the foods you are feeding your cats, as they can quickly get obese if you are regularly overfeeding them.

2) Keep them Hydrated

Keeping your cat well hydrated is absolutely essential for their overall health. Always ensure a fresh bowl of water is kept near to them. Preferably, keep the water bowl away from their food plate as in the wild, they tend not to drink water near their prey. Also, as cats are attracted to running water, it would be best if you could give them a fountain water dispenser which provides a continuous flow of water. The movement and sound of running water can stimulate their interest and encourage increased water consumption.

3) Give them Timely Vet Check-ups

Regular vet checkups for your cat is absolutely essential for their overall health and wellbeing. During the check-ups, a vet will assess your cat’s overall health, detect any underlying health issues or early signs of disease, and provide preventive care. They will perform a thorough physical examination, including checking the vital signs, examining the eyes, ears and teeth etc. You can ensure that your cats receive the necessary care to maintain a healthy and happy life by providing them with regular checkups.

4) Keep Your Cats Physically Active

Providing your cats with regular exercise and playtime goes a long way in keeping your cat healthy and fit. Offering physical activity daily to them burns off excessive calories and channels all their pent-up energy. You can throw at them some good interactive cat toys, which will keep them engaged and also stimulate them mentally. Also, teach them tricks and commands to keep them well-behaved and enjoy some fun time with them. You can use some good cat treats as positive reinforcement to quickly train your cats.

5) Groom them Regularly

Regular grooming is important for your cat’s hygiene as well as their overall health and wellbeing. It keeps your cat’s coat clean, healthy and free from matts and tangles. You can use a top-notch cat brush to remove loose hair, distribute natural hair oil and prevent the problem of hairballs as well. Grooming your cat also allows you to check for any skin issues, fleas or ticks. Lastly, it allows you to boost your bond with the cat and pat their lovely fur as well.

6) Provide Good Dental Care

Dental health also plays a crucial role in keeping good health in the cats. You should establish a daily oral care routine which includes brushing your cat’s teeth regularly with a cat friendly toothpaste. Besides, offering them good dental treats will also boost the overall oral health in the cats. Above all, the biggest benefit of maintaining excellent dental health in the cats is that you can get rid of the problem of Tartar and Plaque buildup between the cat’s teeth which tends to invite a lot of illnesses as well.

7) Relieve Stress in Cats

Cats can experience stress due to various factors like environment, loud noises or familiar situations. It is essential to soothe stress in cats to prevent behavioural issues, promote mental and emotional balance, and also to maintain a strong immunity. One of the best ways to release stress in cats is by offering them a good scratching post. Remember, scratching is an instinctive behaviour in cats that helps them release stress, anxiety and frustration. These posts provide a designated place for cats to mark their territory with scent glands in their paws, promoting a sense of security and anxiety.


Making your cat’s health a top priority is not only vital for the physical wellbeing of the feline but also to enhance the bond between you two. By investing in their health, you create a foundation for a long, happy and a fulfilling relationship with your beloved cat.


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